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Artworks Submission Form

Minootravel is a platform for distributing your valuable and unseen works. To distribute your treasured artworks in the comprehensive and specialized channel of Minootravel, you can send us one minute of your production in MPEG4 format with a resolution of 1280 x 720.

Your works could be broadcasted according to the thematic table of programs after evaluation and approval by our experts.

Your sent artwork could be traced by using the tracking code that would be sent to your email when submitted. The evaluation result will be sent to the idea owners as soon as possible.

Acceptable subjects for artworks are listed below.

  • Tourism attractions
  • Natural attractions such as forest, sea, desert, waterfall, lake, river, spring, aqueduct, plain, mountain, etc.
  • Ancient architectural works
  • Religious places such as churches, mosques, shrines of prophets and important religious people in different religions
  • Various tourist places to visit such as museums, squares, palaces and …
  • Modern and attractive structures and architectures such as towers, bridges, glass and suspension bridges, etc.
  • Manifestations of modernization such as the facade of tall and beautiful buildings, tunnels, towers, urban space and …
  • folk music tracks and video clips of singers’ works in the local language that contain images of customs and dresses related to that culture
  • Showing different local customs, celebrations, mourning, rituals, cooking, clothing, etc.
  • Recreational and entertainment places such as amusement parks, piers, spas, hot springs and …
  • Cultural and social manifestations that make people more familiar with the different cultures

The advantages you will gain

  • Broadcasting your artworks by your personal name and brand and also introduce your personal social pages
  • Evaluation and scoring by audiences as well as expert evaluators, and benefiting from valuable awards of various festivals
  • The top 10 people who get the most points will be invited to produce a program or host some TV programs.
  • Accepted file types: mp4, Max. file size: 20 MB.
    Allowed file extensions : MP4
    Maximum File Size: 20MB