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About us

Minoo Media Group was established privately in 2018 by a professional team composed of some experts in different media fields and some leading specialists well qualified in newfangled innovative technologies; with the valuable goal of creating media justice in the region. In the first step, Minoo has aimed at the qualitative and quantitative development of various media products.

Minoo Travel satellite-based TV channel, as the first TV channel established by this media group, has been planned to focus on the tourism industry of the beautiful region of ASIA.

In other words Minoo Travel TV channel has been put up to professionally introduce the best unknown various tourism capacities of region and its unique investment opportunities to the interested people from all over the world.

Strategies and Solutions

All programs of this channel is interconnected to tourism industry and include the best TV serials which are dubbed for the first time for suitable for the audience flavor. Also production of amazing programs e.g. exciting international competitions, attractive recommendations are in the program list while many famous celebrities will participate in production and hosting these programs. Many programs are planned to be produced and broadcast by MinooTravel, and in this approach will use the most experienced international consultants and programmers in the field of media and broadcasting.

Many programs are planned to be produced and broadcast by Minoo TV channel, which will use the most experienced international consultants and programmers in the field of media and broadcasting.

Project phasing and scheduling

In the first phase, MINOO TRAVEL channel will be launched on NileSat and ArabSat. The Arabsat or Badr satellite covers more than 100 countries from Central Asia to the Middle East, North Africa, and some parts of Europe. However, the main focus of these satellite is to cover Arab countries, which include 22 countries, including 10 African and 12 Asian countries with more than 500 million viewers. Similarly the satellites of NileSat succeeded in obtaining the highest viewership in more than 56 million households, which in turn is more than 270 million viewers in North Africa, the Middle East and the Gulf region.The launch time of the channel has been planned to be September 28, 2022, which coincides with the first of Rabi ul Awwal and World international Tourism Day.

Programs overview

Minoo Travel is to broadcast luxury programs in different fields of drama and drama series, outstanding documentary programs, exclusive documentary Competition program, Documentary shows, docu soap, quiz show, game show and reality shows in 7 different tourism aspects. Also we have TV Reality Game Show and Docufiction are in the production list in order to make more effective communication with the audiences.

As a policy this TV channel is to produces and prepares programs with an interactive approach in order to show the various capacities of the West Asian tourism industry to its audiences, as well as creating a platform for the audience supporting them to have more conscious and smarter choices.

Vision and Mission

We believe most of considerable tourism opportunities in the region have not fully capitalized on the potential that the region holds. The fact is that this region has a significant wealth of heritage, a climate conducive to tourism and a range of leisure resources that should provide a comparative and competitive advantage to its tourism industry.

MinooTravel, will try to promote the position of the tourism industry in the target market through broadcasting Valuable media and related contents along with interactive, entertainment and luxurious programs for the public.
So MinooTravel is to introduce west region of Asia extraordinary capacities in order to develop this region tourism industry.

Furthermore MinooTravel is intended to create a competitive atmosphere to give a chance to the bests of this industry in the region in order to introduce their potentials to other interested groups, also try to promote this industry in the region and generate Media justice in various fields of tourism, and make efforts to promote the cultural and economic development of the public section through improving the position of tourism industry in the region.

The Conductor Synopsis

Minoo TV channel devotes every day of the week to one of the seven major topics in the tourism industry. These topics include health tourism, cultural tourism, entertainment tourism, spiritual tourism, educational tourism, Ecotourism, and adventure tourism; each of which is distinguished by a specific color.

With this initiative, the audience will be more successful in finding the airing time of their favorite programs, and on the other hand, it will facilitate communication between media experts and fans of various topics. This way, audiences can also make smarter choices among channel programs.